18.8. - 24.8.2018

23.9. - 29.9.2018



What do the different courses imply?


All courses have Yoga and Meditation in the morning, a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet and hiking in the black forest. Everything is CAN nothing is MUST. All people with an intolerance to gluten and lactose are also very welcome and will find a good kitchen here. All courses include material and full board.






Adventure Abstraction


I will show a technic that will give you a million of ideas of new pictures, even if you have no idea what you can or want to do. I show you how to switch of your head, so that your creativity can take over and show you how much potential is in you. The joy of painting can take over and your mind can

watch, enjoy and keep quit without judging. Well let´s see what will come and what you need. So far everybody loved it;-)! Let´s explore the richness of art and the multible ways to be creative.